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Adventures In Zanskar

Up north in the Greater Himalayan Region separated by the rugged Zanskar ranges lies the Zanskar valley– A Mystical place with adventures of a lifetime and a spectacular landscape. Hidden from the chaotic world outside, Zanskar awaits you with its pristine local culture and far-flung places that will take your breath away and leave you with a peaceful mind. Much of Zanskar is unexplored and restricted to the civilised world most time of the year because of its rugged terrain and geographical location, but the ones who got the chance to visit have never looked back.

About Zanskar Valley

Zanskar was historically part of the Zanskar kingdom and is mostly inhabited by the Tibetan descent who still follows Tibetan Buddhism and their unique culture. Between the 10th and 11th centuries, two Royal Houses were founded in Zanskar, and the monasteries of Karsha and Phugtal were built. Since the 15th century Zanskar existed as a part of Ladakh, which is now a Union territory of India. You can also find Balti people who follow Islam and have been living in the valley since the 17th century.

Padum is the administrative town of Zanskar, located in between two valleys and by the side of the river Zanskar, it is the centre stage and most happening place in Zanskar. There are some villages still following polyandry, and still, continue the legacy and uniqueness of Tibetan culture. Staying in those local villages and exploring the food and local culture is an adventure in itself. You can also find many hilltop monasteries and mosques all around the valley, illuminating the rich diversity and heritage of Zanskar. All around infrastructure activities are going on in the region to make all-weather connectivity with Zanskar.

What Are The Adventures In Zanskar?

There is no lack of adventures in Zanskar, popular for its frozen rivers and chadar trek in winter, rafting and trekking in summer, Zanskar is a paradise for people who love nature and adventures. Trekking through the routes of Lamayuru to Darcha or Lamayuru to Padum, you can experience the breathtaking landscapes of Zanskar with its mighty rock mountains and ice tops. The Zanskar gorge is also known as the Grand Canyon of Asia. 

The Zanskar river offers white water rafting with up to Grade IV rapids. This adventurous rafting expedition is completely isolated from the masses and gives you the experience of a lifetime passing through the steep gorges of Zanskar carved by the flow of rivers. 

Magnificent Monasteries Of Zanskar. 

The crumbling ancient monasteries offer a spiritual ambience for the visitors. Touring the sacred monasteries and exploring the spirituality of monasteries like  Stongdey, Sani, Kharsha, and Phugtal will add more charm to your Zanskar expedition. Make sure to be respectful and silent when visiting these monasteries. Exploring the monasteries, especially during the local festival time will give you a certain ambience that you have never experienced in your life.

The Road To Zanskar. 

Driving through the steep hills of the highest mountain range in the world is a bone-chilling experience. Through the roads of the rooftop of the world, a journey of a lifetime awaits you. Snow-capped mountains, sky blue waters flowing through the mountain gaps, and the blue skies glooming above will be a memorable sight, nowhere in the world one can experience such scenic beauty.

Riverside Bonfire & The Himalayan Lakes.

Imagine making a bonfire on the sides of the Zanskar river and gazing at the night sky with thousands of luminous stars! Yes, that is one of the exotic adventures to experience in this expedition. In the remote valley, you can enjoy a peaceful night on the banks of the Zanskar River with a bonfire to make it one of the most special nights in your life. 
The Himalayan lakes are another wonder that one should not miss in this grand expedition. Pangong Lake and Tsomoriri lake are some of the most beautiful lakes in the whole world, with their blue waters reflecting the clear skies, it is a show that one must never miss.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Zanskar?

Zanskar with all its might and beauty is an adventurous place to reach, but that’s the spirit of visiting Zanskar. If you are visiting by road, June to October is mostly the only time Zanskar is open to the outside world, and it is the best time to visit with favourable weather before the winter starts. During the winter you can enrol yourself for the famous chadar trek through the Zanskar river from Leh to Padum to reach Zanskar and also experience a thrilling adventure. 

Expedition Zanskar

With our expedition from Travel Gypsy, you can experience this once in a lifetime journey through the breathtaking landscapes of this planet. We will go for a 13-day expedition through the wilderness and adventures, exploring the exotic beauty of Zanskar. We offer two expeditions to Zanskar in a year over the months of July and August.

Apart from the usual events and experiences of the Zanskar expedition that we have discussed up until now, these two tours will have their own unique and marvellous experiences that you will not find anywhere else. The first expedition starts on the 15th of July from Padum and we will reach the Stongdey monastery by the 16th of July, and the next two days we will witness an auspicious event taking place in the Stongdey monastery. Gustor festival celebrated in Stongdey Monastery is an important festival in Ladakh that takes place in July every year. It is a two-day festival that takes place in the 11th month of the Tibetan Calendar. The major attraction of the Stongdey Gustor Festival is the Cham dance performance by the Buddhist monks.

The second expedition starts on the 9th of August. The expedition Trianga comes with its own beauty to grasp our minds and eyes. In the Trianga once we set out on our journey we will reach Khardungla, one of the highest motorable roads in the whole world on the 15th of August. On this Independence Day, we will host a flag-raising ceremony on the rooftop of the world. Celebrating the Independence of India in all its glory with an enthralling atmosphere. This will be the auspicious event that we will witness in the expedition Trianga. 

Through the alluring landscapes of Zanskar valley, experiencing the local culture and food, and the magnifying beauty of Pangong and Tsomoriri lake, witnessing the enchanting Gustor festival and Monasteries, enjoying the pride and patriotic Independence day at Khardungla, let’s get on the bone-chilling Himalayan roads to enjoy a marvellous journey for a life full of enjoyable memories with this expedition


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